Zoom Programme

West Sussex Geological Society

Programme for 2021 (part)

  • 19 MAR Zoom Meeting. Peter Anderton,Sussex Geodiversity Partnership. The Sussex Geodiversity Partnership, .

  • 23 MAR Zoom Meeting EXTRA. James Cresswell of Geoworld Travel. Geology Excursion to Antartica (provisionAL).

  • 7 APR HGFC Zoom Meeting. Will Richardson, University of Bristol.Terrestrial mammalian extinctions at the Eocene/Oligocene boundary

  • 16 APR Zoom Meeting. Dr Laura Evenstar, University of Brighton. Why are the Andes so high?

  • 19 MAY HGFC Zoom Meeting. Matt Pope, University College London Title to be announced.

  • 21 MAY Zoom Meeting. Norman Moles, University of Surrey. The Minerals of the Mourne Mountains.

  • 18 JUN Zoom Meeting. Dr Pip Brewer, Natural History Museum. Darwin's Fossil Mammals

  • We are a Local Group of the Geologists' Association; therefore we can attend any of their lectures or field trips at a minimal cost. Please follow links to GA website until normal meetings resume..