Zoom Programme

West Sussex Geological Society

Programme for 2021 (part)

  • 16 APR Zoom Meeting. Dr Laura Evenstar, University of Brighton. Why are the Andes so high? This talk focuses on the Andes of South America, the second largest mountain chain in the world, where, despite decades of research, both the timing and formation of this range is still a highly controversial topic. Numerous scientists have provided different theories on the formation of the Andes and yet, none can account for all the available scientific evidence until now. This talk will unravel the history of Andean uplift and climate over 50 Myrs providing a theory that reconciles all the scientific evidence for Andean uplift and unites what previously contradictory models for the timing and causes of uplift.

  • 19 MAY HGFC Zoom Meeting. Matt Pope, University College London Title to be announced.

  • 21 MAY Zoom Meeting. Norman Moles, University of Surrey. The Minerals of the Mourne Mountains.

  • 18 JUN Zoom Meeting. Dr Pip Brewer, Natural History Museum. Darwin's Fossil Mammals

  • We are a Local Group of the Geologists' Association; therefore we can attend any of their lectures or field trips at a minimal cost. Please follow links to GA website until normal meetings resume..