Zoom Programme

West Sussex Geological Society

Programme for 2021 (part)

  • 15 JAN Zoom Meeting.The Burgess Shale. Ken Brooks, Hastings and District Geological Society.
    The Burgess Shale is a fossil-bearing deposit exposed in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia, Canada. It is famous for the exceptional preservation of the earliest fossils containing soft-part imprints, and dating from 508 million years ago.This talk will follow the discovery of the site by Charles Walcott in 1909 to the reconstruction of a middle Cambrian environment. These fossils have also made a huge contribution to our understanding of the evolution of life on earth.

  • 27 JAN HGFC Zoom meeting. Phosphatization of Fossil Fauna at Christian Malford. Dr Philip Wilby, University of Leicester. Details will be sent by email.

  • 17 FEB HGFC Zoom Meeting. Dr. Aaron Hunter, University of Cambridge. TBD.

  • 19 FEB AGM and short talk by a member.

  • 19 MAR The Sussex Geodiversity Partnership, Peter Anderton,Sussex Geodiversity Partnership.

  • 16 APR Why are the Andes so high? Dr Laura Evenstar, University of Brighton.

  • We are a Local Group of the Geologists' Association; therefore we can attend any of their lectures or field trips at a minimal cost. Please follow links to GA website until normal meetings resume..